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How Samantha became a major Instagram influencer using IGBillionaires

In October 2010, Instagram was launched. Within 2 months it had gained major momentum worldwide with 1 million registered users. 1 year later, Instagram had over 10 million users. This story is about Samantha, one of these 10 million users who registered for Instagram within its first year.

Samantha’s Instagram profile started off like all first users of Instagram – artsy-style pictures with heavy filters. At the time, nobody was using Instagram for much more than that.
A few months after her first Instagram profile was opened, she came across a profile that had some makeup and hair tutorials. Samantha, a makeup virtuoso herself, was inspired by this profile, and decided that she would open a new profile with makeup tutorial for different types of events, looks and occasions.

Using just a web cam and Apple’s iMovie editor, Samantha made 120-150 second clips and posted them to a new profile she opened, dedicated to makeup. Her following started small with her friends and family. Slowly it grew, as friends of friends started following her profile. As the hashtag game grew on Instagram in early 2011, her following grew due to hashtags relating to makeup and makeup tutorials. Her profile was crawling slowly upwards, reaching towards 25K followers.

“It was really exciting for me at the time. I was a nobody with no experience in online marketing at all. Makeup was something that I was interested in, and the fact that people were interested in watching my tutorials, or seeing my reviews on the new products I was buying was mind blowing for me at the time. It didn’t even occur to me that this was something I could profit from.” Samantha told us.

Samantha got her first taste of the influencer life in 2014. A representative from makeup brand had come across her Instagram profile and sent her a message, offering to send her free products in exchange for 2 videos. The first video was a makeup tutorial for a “night out on the town” using some of the products. The second video was a review of a new product they had just launched.Although she wasn’t offered any monetary compensation, Samantha was overjoyed about the opportunity. It was her first time being a “real-deal” influencer.

These two posts garnered much more attention and interaction then all of Samantha’s other posts. “I understood that this was something I could do long term. I was motivated to take this further. I wanted to take this someplace big.” Samantha said.

Samantha decided to actively reach out to different beauty brands, and let them know that she was available for review their products if they wished to send her samples. Of course, she continued with her usual posts – makeup tutorials and product reviews. But she wanted companies to reach out to her.

“I got a few responses from brands, but I wanted more. I wanted this to be what I spent my days doing. I was dreaming about doing what I loved full time.” Samantha told us.

Her parents supported her plan, and were there with her through every step of the way. One day, her mom called her and told her to check out this website she came across called igbillionaires. She remembers her mom excitedly saying “They can help you reach your goals!” Laughing, she told us that she remembers replying to her mom, “I don’t want to waste my time with that. I need real followers who will interact with my posts.” But, her mom insisted, telling her to take a look at the website before making any judgements. She claimed their technology was different, and used Artificial Intelligence

Suddenly more interested, Samantha quickly ran to her laptop and checked out the website, Their website was new at the time, and claimed to bring real followers, people who were really interested in what she had to say. They spoke about their AI technology that would analyze her profile and get her the followers and interactions she needed to reach her goals.

She called her mom back and told her that the plan recommended on igbillionaires was the Medium plan. As her biggest supporter, her mom didn’t hesitate to help Samantha pay the 300 USD cost. After making the payment igbillionaires lets you choose if you want to enter any specific parameters of followers, such as gender, location, age, etc. She decided to not specify any parameters, and let the AI do it’s work. Unsure what to expect, she left her apartment to go meet up with some friends. She left her phone in her bag while out, spending the night hanging out with friends and having some drinks.

In the cab ride home, Samantha finally pulled out her phone. She was shocked to see how many notifications she had on her page. Hundreds and hundreds of likes, comments, and messaging were pouring in. She quickly opened her Instagram app to check the followers. She started clicking through the new profiles that were following her name page, checking to see if they were real people or bots.

As Samantha says “I literally started shouting out loud. I was overjoyed. These were real people following me! I was receiving tons of private messages as well, of people saying they liked my videos and were interested in seeing more. Some were even making requests! Honestly, this is what I was happiest about. That requests were coming in. I knew this meant something good was coming.”

Within the next few days, various companies were reaching out to Samantha. This time, however, they were not just offering free products in exchange for videos and reviews. They were offering her cold, hard cash.

“One of the first few companies who reached out to me offered me $50,000 for just one post. I almost fainted! Who knew that someone like me could receive money like Kim Kardashian?” Samantha reminisced.

This kick-started a change in Samantha’s life. She quit her job and is now spending her time doing what she loves. She bought her parents a new house in Florida, where she goes to visit them a few times a year. Samantha herself now lives in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan, and spends her time travelling the world.

What Samantha experienced does not have to be unique. Check out igbillionaries today to change your life!

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